About Carol Stegeman | from my point of view

Always searching for the image that endures, I carry my camera wherever I go, whether to Asia, Death Valley, Antarctica, or in my own backyard in the Berkshires. I make no apologies for aiming to create visually beautiful photographs and defamiliarize the familiar.

Director of publications at a boarding school in Delaware for fifteen years, I photographed and printed my own work for the school’s publications, but my real interest was always my own creative photography. Continuing to study design at Stanford and RISD, and participating in photography trips and workshops in Utah, New Mexico, and California, I attempted to refine my skills in the mastery of light and composition.  Most of these images were taken with a Nikon D 300. I now use a Panasonic, Lumix GH-2.


2000   Russell Gallery, Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery, Westport MA

2009   “Havana,” "Recent Landscapes," Stone Barn, Williamstown MA 

2010  “Skyscapes,” “The Silk Road,” Stone Barn, Williamstown MA

2011  “Moods of Mt. Greylock,” “The Silk Road,” Stone Barn, Williamstown MA

2011  “Skyscapes,” Tsubo Studio, Williamstown MA

2011  “Local Landscapes,” Milne Library, Williamstown MA

2012  “Moods of Mt. Greylock,” North Adams Hospital, N. Adams MA

2012  “From My Point of View,” Tunnel City Coffee Shop, Williamstown MA

           May 1 to July 30, 2012